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Choose the wedding day that works for you…

“Avoid the 26 hot wedding Saturdays; May through October, when everything costs more. Book one location for your ceremony and reception. You won’t have to pay multiple site fees, plus there’s no need for transportation. Friday and Sunday weddings afford more flexibility in options and pricing with all vendors & venues. Consider a Spring or Winter wedding for a more unique and romantic alternative.”

Lynette LaMere
Pure Joy Catering
Santa Barbara, CA


A great venue can guide your menu...

“Pick a venue and articulate what’s special about it. Whether it’s a home or actual event venue, decide what aspects you love and take cues from it. A great venue can guide your menu, décor and other event details.” 

David Haggerty
Tuxedos and Tennis Shoes Catering
Seattle, WA

Anticipating and planning for every detail...

“Make sure you have a backup plan for the unpredictable weather, if you are planning an outdoor event. The public believes it’s less expensive to host a wedding outside, but it’s actually more expensive. But we take care of you – we make sure you will be covered by a tent if a surprise rainstorm comes up, or if you’ll need heat or air conditioning.”

Stephen Zilli
Zilli Hospitality Group
Milwaukee, WI

Create an unforgettable event through collaboration...

“Listen and collaborate. When you come to a quality company like those in the Leading Caterers of America family, you’re coming to a company that has the ability and the experience to produce what you’re looking for. We do our best to create the vision of our clients and figure out who they are – but remember that collaborating with our experienced team will do wonders in planning a successful event.”

Warren Dietel
Puff n Stuff Catering
Tampa and Orlando, FL

These one-of-a-kind special touches take your breath away…

“Have fun and transform your event into a memory that lasts a lifetime by adding a wow factor. A few years ago one of our brides surprised her groom and guests with a live acrobat performance 20 feet in the air during the wedding reception. And more recently one of our grooms surprised his bride by chartering a private jet to whisk them away to their honeymoon. These one-of-a-kind special touches take your breath away and provide you with great stories to share for years to come.” 

Robert Frungillo
Frungillo Caterers
Northern New Jersey 

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