Occasions Caterers

Occasions Caterers
655 Taylor Street NE
Washington, D.C. 20017


Our Approach
Attitude. We are current. We have always embraced an “un-catered” approach to food, one which honors fine ingredients and creative execution.  

Ideas. We are innovators.  Recipes for 5 to 5,000 guests are developed, not copied.  Our dedication to research is why there’s always something fresh on the table at Occasions.

Ingredients. We are picky.  The best ingredient is one that is hand-selected for flavor.  To make each recipe stand out, we source the finest ingredients from an extensive network of specialty growers and suppliers.  

Presentation. We have style.  We know that great tasting food should also be great to look at and be fun to eat.  

Expertise & Full Service
As a full-service caterer, we create special events for both private and corporate clients. Our event consultants are not only experts in food and entertaining, but they have the expertise in all facets of the event planning process.  We can also make recommendations for other elements of the event including: décor, flowers, lighting, entertainment, music, staging, valet, transportation, tents and specialty equipment. 

About Occasions Caterers
Founded in 1986 by twin brothers, Eric and Mark Michael started Occasions Caterers with big ideas in a tiny apartment kitchen. They believe food at catered parties should have the same high-quality ingredients, inventiveness and style as the best restaurants anywhere.