Zilli Hospitality Group

Zilli Hospitality Group
613 N Grandview Blvd
Milwaukee, WI 53188

What's your vision for your event? Lavish? Understated? Hip? Elegant? Casual? 

For four generations, the Zilli family has worked with customers to turn their visions into reality.

We do it by matching the ambiance of a picture-perfect venue with the right catering style, service and menu selections. We bring the famous "Zilli touch" to catering at 38 spectacular venues in southeastern Wisconsin, and we are the exclusive caterer at some of the area's premier venues. We are experts on these venues, and we have inside information on all the practical issues that matter to you: we know the best venues for convenient parking, beautiful spaces for photography, outdoor gardens, and elegant architecture. We can show you video and photography of events in venues to help you find the look and feel of the space you want.  

We know, from forty years of helping clients, the best way to help you match the right setting with the right menu, with delicious food, creative plate presentation, and fresh, trendy flavors. And we back it all up with talented, experienced and well-trained staff to make sure it all comes off flawlessly.